Je dois commenter cette affiche pour un oral en anglais, quelqu'un pourrais m'aider svp!

c'est une affiche d'un livre, un poster ou autre ?
g pas la traductipn mais tu peux dire que c est noel(cadeau sapin...) qu une femme tien une arme il y a un cadavre allonger derriere le sapin
D'un magazine
c est un magazine je crois


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The head-line is the name of the magazine : The New Yorker.
This is a magazine from 1997.
In the foreground we can see a woman, she is holding a gun. She is also expressing feelings through her face : she seems angry.
In the background we can see the body of a man on the floor, he seems to be dead.
Next to him there is a christmas tree which is hiding a part of the body. There also are presents.