1) I will be able to find out about the concert if I look on the internet.
2) If Ellie doesn't call me this evening I will be annoyed.

3) I would buy one of those humpers if they weren't so expensive.
4) What would you do if you lost your wallet?
5) If Ali didn"t have to study for his examens, he could come to the cinema with us.
6) People will respect you if you stick up for your beliefs.
7) If you were our neighbour, you would see why we find her so interesting.

1) If the bus doesn't come soon, we will be late.

2) This pizza would taste better if it had more cheese on it.

3) If I could ride, I would go with them.

4) If you use this, the mosquitoes won't b ite you.

5) What will we do if it rains?

6) If he doesn't get on well with children, he won't be a good teacher.