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National Sorry Day is an Australian event held annually on May 26 since 1998 ..Between the years 1995 and 1997, a commission of inquiry worked on the official measure of forced placement of Aboriginal children taken from their families , which was applied in Australia in the past decades and which led to the Stolen Generation.The final report entitled " Bringing them home" ( Bring them home ) was published in 1997.One year after this publication, a national day of forgiveness was established to publicize the harm that was caused to indigenous families and for the " healing process " can begin. The Sorry Day also commemorates the ill-treatment not only by the children of the Stolen Generation , but also by all Aborigines since 1770 .The Sorry Day was briefly renamed National Day of Healing ( National Day of Healing ) in 2005, before returning to its original name .
In 1997 was founded the Stolen Generation Alliance : its goal is the promotion and advocacy of Indigenous Australians.



Au lieu de held , j'aurais plutot mis  ; an event which takes place annually

aussi  : so that the 'healing  process can begin

the ill treatment made not only to the children but also to all the Aborignes 

its aim serait mieux que its goal