Comprehension écrite .

Réponsse traduit en français et anglais svp car c'es tpour demain et aumoin je pourais un petit peut comprandre svp

c pour quand
demain ...
je peut te le faire demain de 9h30 a 10h30 c bon ?
oui merci bcp :)
derien ;)


Meilleure réponse !
1.) Ellis Island is a small island in New York harbour , near the Statue Of Liberty .

2.) It is  in New York harbour , near the Statue Of Liberty .

3.) More than twelve million immigrants went through Ellis Island .

3.) The nick name of the island is " The Island Of Tears".

4.)  Today it is a museum.


Boris Barachnikov  -  Russian  -  83 years old
Lucia Boffito          -  Italian     -  77 years old

6.) He went to America seeking political asylum. 

7.) It was the letter P on his coat.
     He didn't know what that meant and he still doesn't know .

8.) He took his coat off and turned it inside out so that the next doctor could not see the letter "P".

a.) Wrong ---- We came to join our parents, who had arrived two years earlier. 

b.) Right ----- We saw the Statue of Liberty , and we thought it was wonderful . But          both of us were very frightened about Ellis Island. 

c.) Wrong --- But one of the doctors took pity on me. I guess I was lucky.