Leçons: Les verbes make et let se construisent ainsi: sujet 1 + make / let +sujet 2 + base verbale. Si le sujet 2 est un pronom, il est sous forme de complément (me, you, him, her, us, them) make exprime l'idée qu'une influence plus ou moins forte est exercée sur quelqu'un: My father makes me work.

let exprime l'idée d'une permission donnée ou refusée à quelqu'un: My mother lets me go out.

Let's practise!

Question 1. Describe the above picture and say what the girls makes her boyfriend do.

( la photo seulement pour la question 1)

Question 2. Mr Stickler never does anything in the house. Use the following ideas to express what he makes his family do:

a. Every evening / his daughter / walk the dog:

b. Yesterday / his wife / clear the table:

c. Last Christmas / his mother-in-law / do the washing-up:

d. Every week / his son / do the laundry:

e. At luchtime / his wife / bring him his lunch at work:

f. Yesterday / his son / wash his car:

Question 3. Samantha's parents let her do a lof of things. Make sentences with these elements.

a. ''Dad, can I take twenty dollars from your wallet?'' ''Of course, my darling, take whatever you need''. :

b. ''Mummy, can I go out tonight?'' ''If you want my treasure, but come back before 5 a.m'' :

c. ''Dad, can I organise a bi party herre next Wednesday?'' ''No problem, sweethert''. :

d. ''Hey Mum, can I go Shopping with your credit card?'' ''Of course, sweetie.'' :

e. ''Dad, can I miss school tommorow? I feel a bit lazy.'' ''Certainly, my pet''.

Question 4. ''I've met the perfect husband!'' : imagine what this young lady said about her husband.

a. nerver / wash the dishes:

b. always / go out with my friends :

c.nerver / cook dinner:

d. always / buy fancy clothes :

e. always / watch my favourite TV series:



Question 2:

a.) Every evening he makes his daughter  walk the dog.

b.) Yesterday, he made his wife clear the table.

c.) Last Christmas he made his mother- in- low do the washing-up.

d.) Every week he makes his son do the laundry.

e.) At lunchtime he makes his wife bring him his lunch at work.

f.) Yesterday , he made his son wash his car.

Question 3 :

a.) Her father lets her take as much money as she needs.

b.) Her mother lets her stay out late at night .

c.) Her father lets her organize parties at home.

d.) Her mother lets her use her credit card when she goes shopping.

e.) Her father lets her miss school when she feels lazy. 

Question 4 :

a.) He never made me wash the dishes.

b.) He always lets me go out with my friends.

c.) He never made me cook dinner.

d.) He always lets me buy fancy clothes.

e.) He always lets me watch my favorite TV series.