Bonjour a tous,je dois rendre un DM d'anglais cette semaine,je dois inventer une personne céblèbre mais IMAGINAIRE.

Il s'agit de (je vous écris ce que c'est marqué sur la feuille)

Faire plusieurs paragraphes pour décrire les différentes étapes de la biographie :

Date and place of birth,family : parent's jobs,rich / poor,brothers/sisters,happy childhood ? why ?

School and studies : good / bat at ... , lots of friends/ lonely ? ...long / short studies ?

Job : artist,sportsman,polotician,researcher,doctor,...successful or not ?

Private life : married / divorced ? single ? children ? .. meeting ?

Death : When ? how old ? How? ...

Veiller au temps utilisés ; PRETERIT SIMPLE, HAD TO, COULD...

PRETERIE EN ING AVEC WHILE (en imaginant une anecdote...) et ê,ser à utiliser des mots de liaison et des dates précises.

Je vous en supplie !! Aider moi je n'y arrive pas du tout..

J'essaye de te le faire pour demain sa te va ? :)
je te le ferai demain j'ai une heure de perm de 9h a 10h
Merci a vous de m'aider ! J'attend avec impatience vos réponses merci !!! :D
Mdrr derien :)
jai la meme chosse


The person I'm going to present you is Brandon Cooper.
   He was born on the 21th of July 1976 in Miami.
   His mother was a french teacher and his father a very talented DJ, reason why they were rich. He didn't has any brothers or sisters, but it didn't bother him.
   He always said he had a happy chilhood because he had everything he ever wanted and lived for his passion : freeride.
   But even if he had good results at school, he was very insolent. He was accustomed to be free and do what pleases him, so hated it when teachers gave him orders. He had to work hard to compensate with his behavior. He had lots of friends who loved him.
   In 1992, he left school, made of his passion a job and became a successful freerider.
   In 1993, he participated to the freeride Olympic Games, and, as expected, won. He was the youngest participant but was faster and more creative than the others. A reporter even said "He was so fast that he could have flown away".
   In 2003, as he was 27, he married Kate Johnson, and, in 2005, they got two childrens : Caroline and Lucas Cooper.
   He died on the 29th of December 2011, and it's surely his young age or the conditions of his death that made him famous : while he was training, during a jump, one of the wheels of his bike broke away and he crashed to the floor. He died on impact, leaving his wife and his children alone, and by enrolling in the memory of everyone.

Sarah merci tu me sauves la vie!! <3
Derien :* <3 !