J'ai du faire un exposer en anglais sur la prostitution et j'aurai besoin d'une correction de mes fautes svp :)

The prostitution is an activity which involves to exchange the sexual relations for a wage. Nowadays there are the prostitution networks which are directed by the procurers. The procurers take advantage of the prostitution of others. Most of the countries, this activity is illegal.
The woman are exploited by this procurers. And frequently they was held before they may had kidnapped.

Today in the world forty-two (42) million persons prostitute themselves. Around nine in ten prostitutes report to a procurer. Seventy-five (75) per cent of the prostitute have between thirteen and twenty five years. There are difference prostitutions: - feminine
- masculine
- transsexual
(and) - infantile
During one year a prostituted child sell his services to two thousand mans.

In France there are around two hundred thousand (200 000) prostitutes, eight thousand are minors. The masculine prostitution represents thirteen per cent; two hundred prostitutes have between sixty-five (65) and eighty years. The prostitute are for the most part foreign. And ninety per cent are exploited by procurers.

In the case of the France, the police broke up thirty prostitution networks in one year. In order to struggle against the procurer, we shall incarcerate the prostitutes to they can’t earn money for their procurers.
Marine Le Pen has proposed to survey the admissions of the foreigners in Europe. The laws were putting in place like the penalty of the customers. But the prostitute must be abuse and they might go to bear witness against their procurers.

"the woman are exploited by this procurers" -> woman au pluriel l'écrit women et le pluriel de this est these (ces). "during one year a prostituted child sell his services to two thousand mans" -> sell prend un s à la troisième personne et man au pluriel donne men. per cent s'écrit percent. Je crois avoir fait le tour, en espérant qu'il n'est pas trop tard. Pense à remercier si tu penses que je ne suis pas trompé :).



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Dans la phrase" Seventy-five (75) per cent of the prostitute have between [...] " t'à mis un espace entre per et cent alors que il n'y en a pas (mais je sais pas si c'est non voulu).