Summary of the movie Avatar

Despite his paralysis, Jake Sully, a former marine immobilized in a wheelchair, remained a fighter in the depths of his being. 
He was recruited to attend light-years away from Earth, on Pandora, where powerful industrial groups exploiting a rare ore intended to resolve the energy crisis on Earth.  Because Pandora's atmosphere is toxic to humans, they have created the Avatar program, which helps human "drivers" to link their minds to an avatar, a biological body operated remotely, able to survive in this lethal atmosphere.  These avatars are genetically created hybrids by crossing the human DNA with that of Na'vi, Pandora.Sous Aboriginal form of avatar, Jake can again walk.  He was given a mission of infiltration from the Na'vi, become a too consistent obstacle to exploitation of the precious ore.  But everything will change when Neytiri, a very beautiful Na'vi, saves the life of Jake...

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