Pourriez vous corrigez ma redaction d'anglais. Je suis actuellement en seconde et mes proffesseurs me menace de ne pas me faire passer dans la filliere que je veux si je ne remonte pas ma moyen en anglais. Je sais qu'elle est longue mais comme vous pouvez le voir je donne bcp de points. Aidez moi SVP

"le sujet: imagine a conversation beetween the writer and her daughter who wants to go school alone."

Laura enter to the dinning room says his father: "

-dad today my boyfriend decided to wait for me in front of the college. I can go nthere only just for this morning ? Laura askeds

-No laura you know everythings danger wich he has by crossing the road and with cars you there has never made the path only in more. his father answers.

-You like dad i promises you to pay attention and the look well befoe crossing I am twelve years old i know what is grave a not. She implores -Weel ok i wear you me call appeal before and later, as soon as you arrive and it is a test if you does well attention i would let with you return to it only. He concedes -Thank you dad you are the best and i would indead pay attention by going there doesn't worry you and i know that i have to pay attention because danger are everywhere. She tanks.

- You know i dont want that you go stand there it is that i am afraid for you laura i makes and esception today it is because that i report me that you murries a lot and that you are not anymore a child visit your boyfriend but me wants to know nothing just tha you is well! He sells.




Je te corrige les fautes.


Laura enters the dinning room and tells her father:

- Dad, today my boyfriend decided to wait for me in front of the college. Can I go there alone for this morning ? Laura asked.


-No Laura (je comprends pas ce que tu veux dire !)

- I love you Dad, I promise you to pay attention and to look out before crossing. I am twelve years old and I know what is dangerous and what is not,  she implores.

-Well OK, I will let you. Call me before and as soon as you arrive. It's a test, if you do it well (je comprends pas !), he concedes.

-Thank you Dad, you are the best and I would indeed pay attention because danger is everywhere, she says.

-You know I don't want you to go and stand there. I'm afraid for you Laura. If I'm making an exception today, it's because you are growing up a lot and that you are not a child anymore. Visit your boyfriend, but I don't want to know anything, just that you are okay ! he says.



Désolé, des fois c'est trop incompréhensible pour que je corrige.