Bonjour pourriez vous m'aider pour mon devoir d'anglais oral

Merci d'avance de tout aide


Each year your local radio station
organizes a contest called "Young Writers have got Talent."The
winner of the contest will tell his story on air to celebrate World
Book Day. To get selected,
you must send a demonstration
recording to the jury.

This year's theme is "Travel
literature". The jury wants to make sure their audience would
mind-travel listening to the winner's
story. There fore, they will pay special attention to the
way the scene is presented and
also to the way it is read out.


must write one scene
from your trip (150-200 words). For some reason (to be determined),
you have decided to stop at some place during your trip. The
scene shall be set from then on. You must give indications about
the place: general location, physical environment,

elements in the surrounding etc. At the
end, an element from the setting will change the atmosphere.

You must read your story to make
the listeners get the impression that they are part of your trip.



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