Help me please !!! C'est un devoir d'anglais ! Il faut écrire une courte biographie (simple) d'une personne imaginaire ! Elle devra être écrite a la personne "she". Elle est sensée être déjà morte ! Merci d'avance !!!

où est le devoir?
qu'est ce qu'il faut dire dans ta biographie? il faut la décrire physiquement ou dire quand elle est née, d'ou elle vient etc?


She was born on the ( jour de naissance ) of ( mois et année de naissance ). Her parents was ( leurs noms) and she have ( nombre de frère et soeur) sisters and brothers. She lived in ( lieu oú elle vivait). She was ( son métier) . She married with ( le nom de son mari ) with who she had ( nombre d'enfants ). She died on the ( jour de mort ) of ( mois et année mort ) in ( lieu de sa mort) . Voila j'espère que ça t'auras aider.
she has* ; her husband was (nom du mari) *
Meilleure réponse !
D'après ce que j'ai compris il faut faire la biographie d'une personne fictive voici donc un petit exemple :

Dorotha Case was born in New York in 1901. Her mother was a professor of English and his father had left before his birth. She thus lived with her mother and her younger brother Léo. She had a happy childhood and she liked very much the school. In 10 years she began the writing of her first entitled novel "Rose". She made it read to her mother and her professors who were impressed. Dorotha had a real talent. She wrote as soon as she had the opportunity there. She wrote poems, songs, news(short stories)... One day, she was in the third year of middle school(college), a woman came to see her and suggested her publishing her papers. Some time later everybody knew this girl about the incredible talent. Its novels were very desired. She earned a lot of money that she gave to her mother. When she was 19 years old she decided to go to Paris. Over there she met Colette who was a novelist. They made friends and thanks to Colette Dorotha was able to find a publishing house in Paris. She also met one young man named(appointed) Jean. He was a French teacher. In 1 year only she wrote more than 15 novels. Some time later, her mother and his brother joined her in Paris and she got married to Jean. She had three children, two girls and a boy. She lived from now on with her husband, her children, her mother, his brother, the woman and the children of the latter. Just before the World War II she left to London where she stayed till the end of her life. Her mother died in 1956. She was very sad. Two years later she had a cancer. She wrote her last moment while the disease ate away at her. This novel intended for her mother was its last work. The title was "Mom". She was not able to support the disease and she died in 1974. This woman marked the twentieth century and it remains even today somebody very recognized.

Voilà ! J'espère que ça ira !