Conjuge le verbe au passer
1. yesterday, it (rain) a lot.
2. what ... you (do) ?
3. I (stay) home and I (work)
4. I (not go out)
5. (enjoy) your day? yes, I...

le plus juste : Yesterday, it RAINED a lot / what DID you do? / I STAYED home and I WORKED / I DIDN"T go out / DID you enjoy your day? Yes, I DID voilà 100% sûre de moi!
yesrerday it rained a lot / what did you do?/ i stayed at home and i worked/ i did not go out / did you enjoyed your day? yes i did voici ce qui me semble juste
DID YOU enjoy


1. rained 
2. did
3. pour ( stay, j'oublie) / Worked
4. not gone out 
5. enjoied, je crois

1°) rained
2°)  does
3°)  was staying  - worked
4°)  not going out
5°) enjoyed