"Came against the advice father in Los Angeles in 1982 to pursue a career as an actor, George Clooney runs the stamp . He played in five pilot series never aired or in nanars such as The Return of the Killer Tomatoes . The first series in which it appears in a leading role is called E / R in 1984, under very similar to that which makes a star, ER ( Emergency in French ) . During the same year , he starred in the cult series Riptide 1980s the role of Lenny Cowell, an abductor of young women , in episode 1 " Where girls ( Where the Girls Are) are " released October 2, 1984 . He also played in the first season of Roseanne in 1988 with an additional appearance in the season 4 episode 6 . During the 1980s and early 1990s , is often seen on TV in supporting roles , notably in Facts of Life , Baby Talk, Rick Hunter, Sisters , Bodies of evidence , Arabesque in 1987, Street Hawk in 1985.Accepting several action films to stamps paying its debut in the cinema in the late 1990s, it is now possible to play for much lower fees in auteur films as O'Brother , for which he received the Golden Globe for best actor in a musical or comedy . In an interview with the French newspaper Le Monde published Aug. 30, 2000 , he explained why he agreed to play for almost anything with a question: "How often should touch $ 20 million to be happy? " .In 2000, he founded the company Section Eight with his accomplice Out of Sight , Steven Soderbergh . Their ambition to create in a studio , in this case Warner Bros . , An entity capable of producing ambitious films, not necessarily public, and protect the authors of the normal process of a studio. Leaving films as diverse as Far From Heaven , Welcome to Collinwood , Ocean's Eleven and Twelve , Confessions of a Dangerous Mind , The Jacket, Criminal, etc. . Both partners put an end to the activities of Section Eight in March 2007.In 2002, he directed his first film, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind ( Confessions of a Dangerous Mind ) , adapted from the autobiography of improbable TV producer Chuck Barris . He won a pretty critical success failing to find its audience.

George Clooney October 18, 2011 , at the Paris premiere of Ides of March .In March 2005, he is harnessed to achieve with a film he co-wrote with one of his best friends , Grant Heslov , Good Night and Good Luck , which tells the story of Edward Murrow against McCarthy in the middle again 1950s. The film, shot in black and white, is in competition at the Venice Film Festival and is opening the New York Film Festival in September 2005. He enjoyed a very good aura. At the equal of another of his films also planned for fall 2005 : Syriana Stephen Gaghan ( Traffic Scenario author ), for which he had to take fifteen to twenty pounds to play the role of Robert Barnes, CIA agent . During a scene, he was seriously wounded in the spine, which earned him a long hospitalization for several weeks. In December 2006 , it still suffers from the aftermath of the accident as he confessed to wear a corset during the promotion of his latest film The Good German . Following this injury , insurance had refused time surety while filming Good Night and Good Luck. He then pledged his home in Los Angeles. Insurers are then reversed their decision .In June 2005, the Independent Film Festival of Los Angeles assigned him his first award independent spirit to honor his career and his choice by availing an ambitious rather than blockbusters sometimes unsavory auteur cinema.He found his accomplice Soderbergh for a fifth film in October 2005 , The Good German, shot in black and white. Then chained in January 2006 with Michael Clayton Tony Gilroy, shot in New York. In July 2006, he found his cronies films Ocean's 11 and 12 for the ultimate adventures of Danny Ocean and his gang of robbers . He and Steven Soderbergh said that Ocean 's Thirteen is the final installment of the trilogy.In August 2006 , he founded with his friend and co-writer of Good Night and Good Luck , Grant Heslov a new production company : Smockhouse under the same precepts that Section Eight . The name is a nod to the same name located at the gates of Warner studio in Burbank ( California ) restaurant which George Clooney is a regular customer.In 2006, the American actor George Clooney is " the sexiest man alive," according to People magazine in its special edition , annual institution of the magazine release. He had already received this honor in 1997. He is the only character with his friend Brad Pitt and actor Johnny Depp to have twice received the title."