Bilbo saw a red light in the distance.The dwarves didn't  know what it was. Thorin, the leader of the group , suddenly called the hobbit and told him to go and check this strange light. So Bilbo took his small bag and left. He was walking for hours in the forest and finally arrived near the light . Suddenly , he heard voices so he lay down and hid behind a bush. This is what he saw. Three very largetrolls were sitting around a very large fire.They were singing and they were cooking mutton. The biggest one was drinking a largemug of beer. Bilbo was laying there and wasn't moving.
Saw - didn't know - was - called - told - took - leaft - walked - arrived - heard - lied(?) down - hided - saw - sat - sang - cooked - drank - lied(?) - didn't move

Preterit : terminaison des verbes en ed  ... ou verbes irréguliers à connaître par coeur.
Certaine sur tous les verbes sauf ceux suivis d'un ?