Transformer les phrases de façon a mettre le verbe au passif sans mentionner le complément d'agent comme dans l'exemple suivant : A : They are painting the kitchen B: The kitchen is being painted

1. They ask passengers not to smoke
2.They built the castle in 1125
3.She is making coffee
4.They have built a large car park
5.He was baking a park
6.The boss will inform us soon
7.They are going to invite us
8.Last year they didn't recruit anybody
9.They will probably ask what to do
10.They speak French in Belgium



1 Passengers are asked not to smoke
2 the castle was built in 1125
3 Coffee is being made
4 a large car park has been built
5 a tart was being baked
6 we will be informed soon
7 we are going to be invited
8 last year nobody was recruited
9 we will probably be asked what to do
10 french is spoken in Belgium