Bonsoir! Alors j'ai un audioguide d'une oeuvre à faire en Anglais et ce serait juste pour repérer d'éventuelles fautes s'il vous plait ! ^^ Merci d'avance !

to the Rook & Raven Museum I’m Moon your audio-guide for this guided tour!

you ready to go? Fantastic!


if you continue you will see on your left a beautiful tag on canvas titled
Unknown. It was painted in 2012 by David Walker.

is represented here it is the portrait of a magnificent and anonymous woman (It’s
the reason why the title is Unknown) . She has curly short hair and a fleshy
mouse. She might look the sky or a light
and she inspires a feeling of melancholy.

notice that in this tag a lot of colors are used like blue, red, yellow, black,
green, brown, pink or white, is so colorful that it strikes immediately the
look. What is more the contrast was perfectly realized just like the reflection
in the eyes of the woman which give a surrealist aspect to the painting. The first impression it’s often: How it’s
beautiful and amazing and then we focus in details like the contrast of colors,
the shades….
The background is only
blue with some color lines.

In order to
tell a little more on David Walker, he is a street artist, born on January 1st,
1970 in London. He belongs to the Urban
Art movement and he is very famous in the field of the tag first of all for
this “painting” surrealistic and more for the multitude of colors which is used
by him on his painting (Just like we have just seen it).

For this
tag, and for all this “painting”, David Walker only use paint sprays, moreover,
this is a challenge which David imposes on himself. He said that he wants to do,
it’s amazing “painting” without habitual materials just with his paint sprays
so as to change stereotype! For him tag is however important that a “normal”
painting. Another habit of the artist he
always chose the portrait of an anonymous woman for his model, found in a
magazine or a book: “
The anonymity of his subjects allows the
viewer to create their own background story for the person in the painting
“ (Citation )
So I let you imagine the story of this
woman !

(In my opinion it’s a magnificent
woman who is walking in a park during a beautiful day. She is a little sad and melancholic
since she lost her boyfriend and in order to comfort herself she is looking the
blue sky )

Well, let’s continue the visit?
In the right you have….

The visit is ended; I hope that
you have passed a good moment in the Rook & Raven museum!

Thank you for your visit and
see you soon for a new visit



* She might look at the sky or a light and she inspires a feeling of melancholy.
it's so colorful
He said that he wants to do, this amazing “painting” 
she is looking at the blue sky

Good luck !