b) R: yes,I have already ate grasshoppers,and I liked it.
c) Q:have you already crossed the desert,
C) R: yes,I have already crossed the desert and it was very hard.
d) a toi d'imaginer,avec comme modèle,les phrases précédentes ;)
et la A


 - So, that it you're autralian but did you ever seen a shark?
 - Of curse, I did 
- Ok and did you eat grasshoppers ?
- Oh my god, I never ever doing this 
- SO maybe you crossed the desert ? 
-Oh you known when you're australien you must have at less on time crossed the desert!
- A last question please, Did you ever saw a kangaroo and jump with it ?
- No, but I loved 
Have you ever seen a shark? no, I have never seen any

have you ever eaten grasscroppers? Yes I have already eaten grasscroppers, , and I found it delicious

HAVE YOU EVER CROSSED THE DESERT,? Yes I have already crossed the desert in the south of Tunisia , on a camel back