Bonjour j'aimerais bien avoir de l'aide car je n'est pas d'idées , l'exercice est en pièce jointe

je te conseille d'aller dans google traduction ,il t 'aidera surement
j'espere t'avoir aidé
non mais c'est pour les réponses !


Meilleure réponse !
1.) He is a Civil-Engineer .

2.) He works for his own construction company.

3.) He starts at 8:00 am and finishes at 5:00 pm.

4.) He works five days a week from Monday to Friday and sometimes he works half day on Saturdays .

5.) He did civil engineering higher education studies and he is holding a master degree in Civil Engineering.

6.) Since he is working as a self-employed , he told me that he earns enough money.

7.) He is nowadays specialized in High-Ways constructions.

8.) Every year he takes two holidays , one is on summer time for one moth long and the other one is on Christmas and New Year holiday season for fifteen days long. 

9.) You should be civil engineering graduate , patient and hard worker.

10.) The advantages are that your are doing something which you like and at the same time  earning good money , the drawbacks are that you are always on call and you don't have enough time to spend with your family.

11.) I would like to be a doctor , because I want to be there to help others and since my young age I was fascinated with human body  .  

tu l'as fais avec Google traduction v
Google ????? comment pourrait google répondre à des questions!!!!