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The beatles is a musical group origin of Liverpool one of the groups the most popular Rock to the world. In eight years of career, beatles registered twelve album. Their nickname and the fab oven. John Lenon been born new October one thousand nine hundred forty in Liverpool and died assasiné has New York on December 8th one thousand nine hundred eighty. Apperler three John, George and Paul. Born George twenty five and died twenty nine in November two thousand one in Los Angeles. Ringo starr which is are true name who was born seven in July one thousand nine hundred forty in Liverpool. John has was to raiseby his tent "pussy" because her mother did not have the means to raise are sons. That they opened rock band he knew that he wanted to make it are job.



The Beatles WERE a musical group whose origin was fromLiverpool. It was one of the most popular Rock group in the world. In eight years of career, Tje Beatles registered twelve albums.John Lenon WAS born on October NINETEEN FOURTY in Liverpool and died assassinated in New York on december 8th nineteen eighty. The tree others were named John, George andPaul. George died on November two thousand and one in Los Angeles. Ringo was born in Liverpool on July nineteen fourty.
John was raised by his aunt 'Pussy' because his mother couldn't afford to raise her sons.
When they began the Rock band, he knew it was the job he wanted to do