Meilleure réponse !
-Hi! John ; What's the matter with you?
- Well, I'm a bit depressed...
-But why ?
-Well, yesterday, as I was writting an english paper during the englih class, my neighbour asked me to give him some  answers...
- And  what happened then?
- The teacher of english  thought I was cheating , so she/he took away my sheet of paper and gave me  a 0 out of 20
- Really, that sounds hard, and what did you do? How did you react?
- As I was trying to explain , she ordered me to leave the classroom at once
- And what about your school fellow, didn't he try to tell the truth?
- No, , he was writing and didn't say a word
- He's a hassle, I can't believe it.Well since you were injustly blamed, you should go after the class and tell the teacher the whole story.
- Yes, I was asked to react and it's what I 'm going to do. Thank you for giving me these good advice!
- Well cheer up now!

Salut est-ce-que ta utilise la voix passive ?
oui ; you were injustly blamed est une voix passive et aussi I was asked to react
ok merci
Ta tout utilise ?