Aıder moı a ınventer une suıte svp
Utıliser au moıns 5 de ces mots = Enter / hit / escape / run away / fıght / dead / happy / worrıed / relieved / afraid

tu veux le resume du texte ?
on the photo there ıs a girl who maybe a princess.she looks sad.she is alone in a dungeon.she is probably a prisoner and she is praying because she wants her prince to save / free her.
c un peu ca le resume :)
ımagine what happened next using the following words


Count Manfredi pushed her in the dungeon. Emily was really afraid. The black figures were men. They approached Emily as if they were going to kill her but suddenly a man with a sword entered and hit all of the men. He told Emily to run away while he was fighting. Emily escaped and waited for him, she was really worried. All of the men were dead and Valancourt came out. Emily was really happy and the ran away together on a horse. 

J'espere que ca te va! Je suis bilingue donc il ne devrait pas avoir de fautes, ou tres peu. 
Excuse moi mais c'est They a la place de The a la derniere phrase.