Exercice 1: le jour de la saint valentin ,trois phrases pour expliquer ce que vous avez acheté et ou ? (en anglais)
exercice 2; translate:
1 La Tanzanie a beau être un pays pauvre,les gens sont heureux.
2 j'ai beau savoir que j'ai fait mes devoirs ,je suis inquiet
3 Occupe-toi de tes affaires!
4 L e séjour de de Danile à Kayanga a été impréssionnant

exercice 3
imagine a Short narrative in which you can use the preterit and then the present perfect
aidez moi svp merci d'avance

Je n'ai pas compris la consigne de l'exercice 1.
valentine day: make up three sentences to explain wahat you going to buy and where
On Valentine day, I bought for my darling a flowers that I picked. My darling was so happy and he kiss me. Then I switch on the radio and we have dancing. Je ne suis pas sur que ce soit ce que tu demandes mais bon :/


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Exercice 1 :

The day of Valentine's Day, I bought a wristband in a jewelry store. Me and my boyfriend, we were together all afternoon watching a movie. Finally, in the evening we were eating the restore then we go clubbing.

Exercice 2 : 

1- Tanzania may well be a poor country, people are happy. 
2- I'm know that I did my homework, I'm worried.
3- Look after your own business! 
4- The trip of Danile to Kayanga was impressive.