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Consigne: Imagine you are an African American activist during segregation in the United States, write a speech against exclusion.

Y a comme exemple de discours de Martin luther king
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In the land of the free and the brave, where we have the wondrous constitution guiding it's good people, we are faced with injustice. There are those who preach of freedom and individuality, as is granted by this paper, but tell me, are we truly free? Look all around us, look at the scars on my parents bodies, the permanent yellow of pain in their eyes. This fruitful land sows the crops of misfortune and power in order to maintain a polished economy. 
If it was not for the blackened, beaten into red plants, then the soil would not be able to yield profit. It would not keep this country strong. Yet here we are working us black plants, without pay and without hope. We live in the land where everyone is free and yet the soil screams I am not free. Why is this so? 
The ignorance and arrogance of mankind, the poison of greed and misunderstanding is holding us by our throats while the white man merely scoffs and whips us with despair and shattered dreams.
They can raise a family, own land, have a good job, and yet I, a hard working American, can only live off of meager land with barely any income. I cannot support my family, and if I had one, we would only be tortured with the lies of this nation. 
I am not speaking here to make demands or to force change. I am here to voice my opinion as if guaranteed by the law. Why is it so hard for us to be on the same level as the light skinned Americans? We only differ in our skin tone and yet we are treated like cattle. We deserve equal rights just as much as the white rapist, murderer, laborer, and traitor. But the good black man with no crimes or transgressions is only hated upon with glares and whippings. We watch our brothers and sisters hang from the poplars trees. The branches drooping from the weight of our tears.But we can change this. We can fight for what we all deserve. We must stand together, endure, and act upon the injustice of this nation. United as one, united with the same purpose. For true freedom, for the American dream, and for our rights as human beings.