Je dois faire un devoir d'anglais entre une mere et sa fille et le sujet est que la mere 0art travailler et elle laisse a sa fille des ordres mais sa fille n'est pas d'accord donc il faut faire sa sous forme de dialogue



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M: I'll be leaving soon! Will you do something for me? 
F: Oh no, I did not want! 
M: Anyway, you do not have a choice and it is I who decides your homework and you will do the dishes and ironing me. 
F: But I'll have for the whole day! 
M: No, and then you have nothing else to do. 
F: Yes! I have to go to the movies with my boyfriend and my friends and I have to go shopping and at 2:00 pm there is my favorite soap. 
M: It does not matter, you cancel, it is I who decides and all this interest to be finished before I go! 
F: No! 
M: If you do not, you will be output to your private majority is what you want? 
F: No! 
M: Well, it's settled. Good day! 
F: You're mean, this is slavery! 
M: Go! kisses tonight. 
F: Yes ... tonight ...

Bonne continuation :)