Please help me to give me same solution or suggestion to write paragraphe
this is the subject about imagine your self who live in a polluted area ;you suffer from many illnesses ;you can't leave the area becouse you are born there ; you cn't be far from your friends ; teachers



You can talk about the area you're living in and how polluted it is, imagine the diseases wich are caused, and how dangerous they are. talk about yourself, how you feel during while suffering from these diseases. ex: Sometimes, I can't get out of bed because of the fever, my headache never stops, etc.. Talk about your familly and friends and how ill they are. talk about some opportunities you had to leave the place but you refused because you didn't want to leave your friends. start writing these ideas, and we'll help you develop them. Good luck!
but i need same solution of this tourble
you mean solution for the problem in the area? pollution and diseases?
i mean the solution of the area