Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy by William Shakespeare. Written near the beginning of her career, she tells the story of two young lovers whose death reconciles their feuding families .Romeo enters the garden to see Juliet Capulet . When it appears at the window , Juliet declares his love crazy thinking being alone, he then says Romeo hers.Romeo consult his confessor , the Franciscan Friar Lawrence . It deplores the fickleness but Romeo sees Juliet in marriage with the hope of reconciling the Capulets and Montagues.Romeo told Juliet through the nurse, it is confessing pretext to go to Brother Lawrence , who will celebrate their marriage.Brother Lawrence then proposes to Juliet to take a potion that will give it the appearance of death. It will be deposited in the vault of the Capulets where Romeo , warned by a letter , will get her out , the morning, the nurse discovers Juliet inanimate and all lament . A plague prevents the messenger of Brother Lawrence , Brother John, wearing his letter to Romeo, and only the news of Juliet's death , came Balthazar , reaches him . He returned to Verona resolved to die on the grave of his young wife . This is where he meets the County Paris , came to bring flowers to his late fiancée, that a duel and is killed . Romeo enters the crypt and bid farewell to Juliet before swallowing a vial of poison. Brother Lawrence discovered horrified her lifeless body . Juliet wakes up and realizing that Romeo is dead, gives him one last kiss before killing himself with the dagger Roméo.Frère Laurent then tell them the true story of two lovers, there 's evidence a letter that Romeo wrote before Juliette go to the cemetery. The two families are reconciled under the initiative of Capulet and Montague says he wants to raise a golden statue in memory of their children.
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