Je dois écrire une description de mon film préférer en anglais ( Mon film préférer est Hunger Games mais vous pouvez mettre un autre film ) merci de m'aider!

y a twilight qui est trop bien, mais c vrai que Hunter game est super. mais pourquoi tu le fais pas sur Hunger game ? c très bien !


My favourite movie is The Hunger Games, it is based on the future where the world is split into districts and All these of them are controlled by the Capitol, where lives the president who is cruel and who hosts the Hunger Games, the game is based on two tributes, selected from each district, and they must try to survive and kill each other off. The last survivor is declared the winner, he wins food and gifts for their District, and can never be selected for the Games. The movie is about Katniss Everdeen, a young girl who lives in District 12. Her father died at a young age, and from then on she had to take care of her younger sister Prim and her shocked mother. She sneeks out under the electric fence that borders of the District, and hunts animals using her bow and arrow. At the Reaping, which is the day where tributes are selected, Katniss's sister is chosen to be in the Games. Knowing that Prim knows nothing of survival, and Katniss is more skilled in hunting, Katniss offers to take her place.