Bonjour en anglais je dois faire un conversation avec mon ou ma meilleure ami(e) en e-mail et je n'y arrive pas pouvez vous m'aidez merci

hey, how are you? i'm fine and you? i'm fine too? what did you do yesterday? yesterday i did the play football withy brother and you? yesterday i did go in the street with my mother.
pas un dialoque


A : Hey , what's up ?
B : Nothing much , what about you !!!

A : I'm fine , I heard you're moving to Austin .
B : Yes , this is true , I've been accepted at The University Of Texas in Austin.

A : Oh , that is great but I a going to miss you .
B : Me too but we'll keep in touch .

A : Sure , but don't forget to call me when you settle down .
B : Trust me I won't ,I'll  surely  do .

A : You know my address .
B : Well , I have your e-mail and your Viber IDs . 

A : Well , I look forward to hearing from you , good luck bro.
B : Thanks , I hope you can join me !!!! Bye for now .