P pour ( Police Officer )   et     V pour Victim

P : Yes Sir , can I help you?
V : I believe yes , my office had been burgled.

P : Where is your office located?
V : écrire une adresse ******

P : When did you discover the burgled?
V : When I entered my office this morning about, 15 minutes back.

P : Wan anything missing ?
V : Yes. Sixteen thousand dollars in cash , my personal laptop and lots of important documents and studies 

P : How do you think , they got is ?
V : I think they opened the office door with a master key because I didn't see any evidence of breaking !!!!

P : do you accuse anybody .
V . No , Sir not at all , I don't have any enemies and I trust all my staff .

P ; I hope you didn't touch lots of things?
V : No , I just touched my drawer and my locker . 

P : OK, you can go back to your office and I'll be around in ten minutes.
V : I appreciate your efforts , see you there .