Bonjour jai un exercice sur les pronoms reflechis et je narrive pas pourriez vous maidez svp??:/ *

Répondez aux questions en vous servant de pronoms reflechis .
ex:Did someone wash your car for you? >No, I washed it myself .

1.Did your mother make your bed for you?
2.The Children had a picnic.Did their parents organize it?
-No,the children.....
3.Did you teach Jenny to play the piano?
4.Will you buy this magazine for me?
5.did you have this house built?
6.Does his wife write his letters for him?
7.Did you open that door?
8.Did you have a good time?
-yes,we enjoyed....




1.No,I made it myself.

2.No,the children organized it themselves

3.No,she learnt it herself.

4.No,bought it yourself.

5.No,we built it ourselves.

6.No,he wrote it himself.

7.No,it opened itself.

8.Yes,we enjoyed ourselves.

J'espere que je t'ai aidé :)