pouvez voous vérifier s'il vous plaît, le sujet se trouve dans l'image.
I know your region because I read lots of books.
I know it's always warm and there is a great beach with lots of surfers.
There are also many animals as: adorable koalas, formidable kagourous, shy wombats or even very soft dingo.
What activities have you already made​​? Have you surf?
Me, I never surf so I count on you Because i would surf!
You climb trees like koalas?
Me, I have never been on the back of an ostrich goal I would try!

tu veut dire quoi par what activities have you already made
je la traduction francaise du question
pourquoi tu compte sur lui car tu veut surfer?


Because "i would surf" n'est pas correct :i have nerver gone windsurfing

le reste semble correct
non les questions ne sont pas corregte du tout
I know your region because I read lots of books about it.I also know that it's always warm in Autralia and that there is a great beach with lots of surfers surfing there.
I also heard that there were animals like: adorable koalas,great kangourous,shy wombats and very soft dingo(je ne sais pas si il faut mettre dingo au pluriel).
What activities do you do there?
Do you surf?
I've never surfed so I count on you to describe me the feeling of surfing because I would like to surf one day.
Do you climb trees like koalas?
I had never been on a back of a ostrich goal but I really would like to.