Transformer les phrases à la voix passive.

1. Yesterday, Jules broke a beer bottle in the street !
2. In Ukraine, soldiers have killed demonstrators.
3. The pupils are writing the lesson.
4. Pupils must bring their contact books to every lesson.
5. The cat was eating my goldfish when I came home.

Aidez-moi s' il vous plaît !!!! C' est très urgent !!!!! Merci d' avance !!

1. Jules Broke a. beer bottle in the street yesterday. 2. Soldiers have killed demonstrators in Ukraine. 3. The lesson are writing by pupilles. 4. Their contact books must Bring to every lesson by pupils. 5. My Goldfish when I came home was a cat.
merci beaucoup


Yesterday,a bootle of beer WAS BROKEN in the street by Jules
 in Ukraine demonstrators have been killed by soldiers

the lesson IS BEING WRITTEN by the pupils

the contact books MUST BE BROUGHT to every lessons bu pupils

my goldfish was being eaten by the cat when I came home