I am called Leisel Meminger.

I belong to no family nor home.

The word « hope » was never understood by me but the people who are going to change that are about to be met.

-From now on I’m going to be called Mamma by you, and this lazy kid over there, papa.  

-Mamma, the basement will be checked by them.

If he was to be seen by anyone, you would be taken away from me and telling you what they would do to him is impossible.

-She will be inspired by words.

- She will be guided by courage.

- Someone is hidden by you, isn’t it ?

-Can she be trusted ? She is a child.

- She will be defined by hope.

-Someone else cannot be lost by me.

- I have been kept alive by you.

- Books are being stealed by you. Why ?

Je n'ai recopié que les phrases qui pouvaient éventuellement être mises à la voix passive.
Il doit y avoir she said... Non?