Sujet 1 : In 2009 (two thousand and nine), I went to Tahiti with a friend who are born over there and her family. There was many coconut, mango and other fruits in their garden. A day, we went to the ocean with a boat and catched many fish. There were much sun, and it was hot. They usually play music with ukulele when they were in family and do traditional dance when they were all combined. They often wear pareo and eat fish with coconut milk. They have differents costums than us. The landscape was wonderfull, there are so much colors, like a postal card. It was a incredible trip voilà, j'espère que ça répond à ton problème, tu as juste à comptée le nombre de mot je ne sais pas combien il y en a, s'il y en a pas assez, tu peux inventé ;)
merci bcp
déplus j'accepte dotre réponse si danseur m'aider !! :)