Pouvez vous corriger car je ne suis pas tres bonne à ça!! merci beaucoup

1)look at the speech bubbles. Which one stands out? What does it express and how? Does the picture express the same feeling and how? bulle 2 ( BANNED?!!) ,6 (i can't believe it. I just can't believe it!)

The bubble detaches from the other is in the picture two, because writing is written in large letters and bold. This image express surprise by punctuation. The images that express the same sentiments are two and six because they express a sense of incomprehention.

2) What do you think of this document? Do you like it? Why or not why?

I think this comic strips is funny. I liked it because the children go to the school Library to get a book and told that it is prohibited in the Library.
at the end of this comic stips one of the children said that they should also ban books mathematique.

3) what's your opinion concerningcomics? Do you read comics? Why or why not? What about other books? Whyt do you or don't you like reading?

I think that comic strips are fantastic. I read many comic strips, i have a collection of "Lucky luc"!
When i read a comic strips, i can see the charcters, their expressions in every situation. I don't need to imagine them.
The story is more realistic and interesting. I have the sensation to see a subtitled movie. I read many others book because i like reading fantastic stories.
I prefer to read a manga because for me in the manga there is more action and stories are much more fantastic.

ou est l'image ??? je pourrais pas corriger sans avoir vu ton image
c'est une bande dessinee " peanuts"
mais je sais que c'est les bonnes bulles juste corriger les fautes car je sais que j'en ai fait merci


Meilleure réponse !
The bubble detaches from the other in the second picture,i can say that because it's  write in large letters. This image express the feeling of surprise by the punctuation. The images express the same sentiments as the pictures two and six because they express a feeling of incomprehention.