The Longest night ever.

Some friends were on the way for an adventure trip. They were traveling at night to go to a hunted house. The weather was too bad on that day it was raining when they were on the way to the hunted house. At last after 8 hours of drive they reached the house it was all dark. As soon as they gor from the car it was all dark no light. They entered the house and they were too scared one of the friend saw a shadow of someone but se kept quiet. So they started to do the video of the house because they wanted to do a documentry film on that. But suddenly the cameraman felt that someone pushed him and the camera felt of. And like this many thing happened but they don't know who was doing it then suddenly one man came and they told to him what had happened to them and then the man told them that it's a spirit who was doing all this. They were shockd and scared. Actually long yeas back there used to live a family but then they were killed and so they take revenge whenever someone come to that house. But noone knows that who had killed that family. But whoever come to that house gets killed.