Coming from two different cultural groups can be at the same time hard to live but can also be a good experience.

For many people whose roots are bicultural, , it may be hard to be accepted in the country where they live  . People make you feel you are different  and often do not accept you totally in their group. Those people lack intelligence and mainly the intelligence of the heart.;I think these people are narow-minded and not tolerant at all.

As far as I am concerned , I think that belonging to two different cultures is a richness.
Indeed, you can speak two different languages, , the langage of the country you live in and the langage of your parents' country.It helps a lot in life to be bilingual , doen't it?

Moreover you can live in two different countries, one during the school year and for the other country during vacations.

As a conclusion , I would say that it makes you very tolerant with people who are different, no matter what the difference is!!!
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