'ai un sujet et je n'y arrives pas,je dois faire une rédaction là dessus:
"Deux jeunes tombent amoureux l'un de l'autre.Ils viennent de l'annoncer à leurs familles qui refusent leur amour.Ils se retrouvent en cachette pour exprimer leur colère mais aussi leur amour.Vous raconterez leur dialogue."
Il faut respecter les consignes qui sont:
*faire une scène de théâtre(didascalie,ponctuation expressive..)
*le style:répétition,hyperbole..
MERCI de m'aider.



Boy : Honey , I missed you so much . Did anybody see you coming to here?
Girl  : I missed you too sweetheart . No , don't worry nobody saw me . 

Boy : We have to be patient , things might change .
Girl  : But things are becoming true , our parents refused our relation.

Boy  : I never wanted that to happen , I'm sorry sweetheart .
Girl   : I'm sorry too . I always wanted to spend my life by your side, but things                       seems to be smashed . 

Boy  : My heart is shattered , but I never lost hope and I never stopped loving you .
Girl   : I never stopped either . I think of you every now and then , you are always in my           mind wondering always if we were meant to be !

Boy  : But why they refused , what's wrong with our love?
Girl   : They are complicating our relation , but believe me we can . Just not now , we               have to wait .  

Boy  : I'll wait for you forever if you ask me to  .
Girl  : I'm , are you going to ?

Boy : I promise you honey things are going to be as we dreamed them . Just keep me          always in your mind and dreams .
Girl : ( crying ) You are always in my mind .

Boy : Sweetheart ,  can you look me in the eyes ?
Girl  : Say something !!

Boy  : I love you .
Girl   : I love too .