Hello Sycy, I hope that you are well! I it is the cases! This fact for a very long time that we more saw each other I resu well your duty you should add it a little more precision your journey it is good to pass in England. I would try to visit you! My dear friend see you very soon. Manon

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Dear ----------- ,

I was up late last night thinking about our conversation concern your relation with Sara , and I feel that both of you have come to an impasse , I would recommend to spend some time away from her because separation sometimes gives us a clear vision to know in which direction should we proceed .  You might not know this , but me and Cynthia a year back separated for few weeks when she went and stayed with her girlfriend Suzy , but this was helpful for both of us because it sort of renewed our relation and our appreciation for one another  . I know that separation might not always work but I wanted to share my experience with you  .

It's just something for you to consider , I just advise you to try to see all sides before you come to a decision .

Wishing you all the best and Good luck , my friend.