Voilà l'exercice que j'arrive pas a faire svp aidez moi :)

Complète ces affirmations au sujet d'alcatraz :

1-alcatraz is located on an ... In ...
2-it opened in ... And closed in ... So it was used for ... Years
3-there were 336 ... But only 260 were ... Regulary
4-al capone , the famous ... , ... Four years of his Life there
5- in june 1962 three inmates managed to ... But they probably ... (Fin )

N°Alcaratraz is located on an island in San Francisco's bay;N°2 it opened in the 1930s and closed in the 1960s. So it was used for fot thirty years.(dune prison militaire , c'est devenu un pénitencier avec des conditions de vie très dures comme en Guyanne sur l'ile du Diable au large des côtes) N°3 : je suis pas sûr : prisonners n°4 A l Capone the famous mafia gangster , spent four years of his life there n°5 in june 1962, three inmates managed to escape on a raft. But they probably died.
1. alcatraz is located on an Island in san fransisco bay
3.there were 336 cells but only 260 were occupated regulary