1.) It's an article .

2.) It's about a Navajo teen tells what it's like to grow up in a reservation especially that she was grown up native American style.


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1.) I believe yes , she does enjoy her double identity , because it seems like she knows how to take advantage of each culture , specially that she respects both cultures and she knows how to live each since once she is typical American in all way of living and once she lives her tribe life .

2.) Now she and her brother are completing their high school studies at Navajo Preparatory School in Parmington , New Mexico  . Now she is learning more about her culture and participating in celebrations of her culture , and she is dating native Americans and she is making more friends . She is happy in general but she feels homesick sometimes . 

les deux dernières photos ne sont pas suffisamment claires. republier et je t'aiderai