WHO AM I ? je dois faire mon autoportrait. qu'en pensez vous ? merci d'avance Hi readers ! I'm a 15-year-old girl. Physically, I'm quite tall , I'm a long-legged girl and I'm slim. I'm a chestnut-blond girl ; usually they look wavy. I think my face is round, I've got a hidden mole on my forehead, I've got blue-green slanting eyes, I wear glasses or contact lenses because i'm a short-sighted girl, unfortunately ! I've got bushy eyebrows and long eyelashes. I always wear earrings. I think I've got chubby cheeks ! My nose seems small and round and my teeth are big as a half-bricks. My skin is white but sometimes tanned. In my opinion , i'm outgoing and friendly, I like hanging out with my friends.Moreover, I'm a good-mannered person and a broad-minded girl. I am usually good-tempered , peaceful and cheerful but i'm a never-satisfied girl, i'm sometimes sulking !What's more, i'm often messy. Finally, I like dancing. I often go to ballet 3 times a week, it's my passion. I like travelling a lot and discovering new landscapes and cultures. I always surf on the net to discover new areas to go to and interesting trips ! However I dislike loosing my time, I think it's unbearable... I hate sew my ballerinas and other pieces too because i'm not a mild-tempered girl !




La ou tu mets I think my face is round ca voudrai dire que tu pense que ton visage et rond c'est un peu bizarre



C'est cool moi je trouve ! Par contre, tu mets beaucoup de "I think"...