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Hello everybody, I’m going to speak about my superhero. She is a woman, her name is The Warrior. She has an armour, what makes her invincible. As superpowers, she cannot fly because she doesn’t have a cape but she can destroy everything because she is very strong. She cannot jump very high but she runs very quickly. Lastly, she cannot teleport her but she can control magnetic fields. Her worst enemy is The Other, with a capital O. The Other is a bad version of The Warrior. In everyday life, the name of the superheroine is Eleanor Smith, a common name in England, what prove the banality of this girl. Eleanor studies in an university of Cambridge. She is very shy and she doesn’t hesitate to help her classmates. Eleanor is orphan, but she was adopted by an old couple, eighteen years ago. Her true parents were killed by a villain. Eleanor is twenty two years old. I hope that you like my superheroine…"