Bonjour, il faut raconter 3 jours de mes vacances(5-6 lgs /jours) et mes sentiments qui vont avec (3lgs/jours) avec le maximun au prétérit. Merci beaucoup !

Last summer, I took the plane for the first time. My parents and I went to Creta. It's an greek island. It was hot, the sea was hot too, so nice!!!! We rented a car and we visited Heraklion (la capitale). This island is not so big , we decided to visit it by ourselves, so we could stop in any little restaurant, spend a time in a little beach and each time we came back at the hotel anytime we wanted. So the very first days , we stayed at th hotel. The third day we went to visit Heraklion. The nex


Some months ago, my sister and I went to Mexico to visit some friends. We took the plane and the flight was so long! We were eager to arrive because thirteen hours in a plane wre tremendouly exciting but also tiring. When we arrived it was late in the evening. Wre didn't want to take a taxi by ourselves because we had been told to be very carefull when we got taxis. So we waited at the arprt in a nice café. We couldn't speak spanish because we were fluent. So we tried to make ourselves understood by gestures. It was so funny.
After a while, we decided to ring our friends up and we waited for them. They took us to many beautiful places , it was so amazing. We discovered that this City is a mega city.
It took us almost two hours to arrive home. During our stay , we got familized with the mexican culture. We liked it so much that we decided to go back whenever possible.
très beau texte mais fluent ça veut dire qui parle couramment une langue.. So we couldn't speak spanish because we were not fluent