Pose toi la question de si tes parents connaisent tout sur toi et demande toi pk il ne connaisent pas tout. Tu aura un debut de ta reponse peut etre parce qu'il crieront ou bien parce qu'il t'en empecheront bref tous ce que tu peut trouver 

Yes I think parents should know what their children are getting into, but the problem is today's parents are so apathetic that they let their kids do almost everything.

I know children,teens, and all need their privacy. However,why do you think there's so many younger ones into things? Drugs, drinking, sex, partying,,,  you name it. I know parents can't watch their child 24/24, but they need to have an idea of where they are, whom they're with, and what they're doing. It may not be their child doing wrong, BUT all it takes is them being caught in the wrong place, at the wrong time, with the wrong people. Sometimes, there's people children and teens hang around, whom have been in a lot of trouble...the parents don't know that, and the child most certainly won't tell them. I don't mean track their every move, BUT get a cell phone or something. You never know what could happen. What if they break down somewhere? What if they run out of gas, what if they get into some form of trouble and they have no way to contact anyone? There's way more to it than just privacy and freedom.