Hi ! I'm writing to tell you that I've moved to London recently, it's like a dream for me ! I've never been to London but it's so amazing, everybody is very nice in my new school. I miss Forest Hill you know but my life in London is so different.. and better. I made a lot of friends very quickly, I have a taller house than my house at Forest Hill and now I'm not obliged to share my bedroom with my sister, and I have a bathroom only for me ! My neighboors are very nice too, not like my neighboors at F.H. ! I don't miss them! I remember when we dreamed to been to London.. it's your turn now ! And I've found a lot of fabulous shops ! I hope you can come soon.
Merci beaucoup, ton texte est très bien, et il me semble que tu as bien répondu à la consigne, merci de m'avoir aidé !
De rien ;)
Merci Beaucoup De M'avoir Aider Et En Effet Ton Texte Est Bien