aidez moi svp merci rédigé un texte a propos d un personnage: invente son nom , son age,son métier, le pays d ou il vient décris le apres avoir colorié ses cheveux et ses yeux, dis ce qu il possede (colorie sa voiture) et dit ce qu il sait faire.Noubliie rien!



Par exemple : 
Nina is 27 years old. She is a nurse in America. She was born in France but she moved because she doesn't like his country. She doesn't like the atmosphere and the people even if the landscape are wonderful with his mountain and beach. 
She has long brown hair and blue eyes. She has a big red car and a house with an indoor pool. 
She practices the guitar and danse. And she cooks very well.

Voila, j'espère que sa ta un peu aider. :) 

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