Meilleure réponse !
Sweetheart ,

Guess what honey ???!!! Today I've won two round trip tickets to New York , Woooow!! Believe me , Western Union representative has  just called me and asked me to come over to their office in order to collect the two tickets which I've won ... Can you believe that !!!!

Finally I am going to take the dream off my back burner.  New York City has always been one of those “I really want to go someday” travel to do’s on my lifelong bucket list. I always schemed and wondered how I’d make this trip a possibility but never really followed through with it. I’m so excited and I am so proud of myself. I’m excited to meet new people, have new experiences and see new things. I’m so happy that I am finally realizing my dreams of travel and seeing something that I've always wanted to see.

Sweety , I will be more happy if I can share this trip with you . 
Reem, tu pourrais m'aider sur mon devoir qui compte pour le bac ? Tu m'avais dis que tu m'aiderais ^^ stp