1)a. The author is writing in 1999. She is an adult.
The narrator is speaking in 1948. She is a child.
The story take place in 1948.

b. The author was born in Holland. When she was a child, she lived in Chicago. She is an adult now, and she remembers her fisrt job, when she was thirteen. The memoir is written in the first person, from the point of view of the child. The story took place a long time ago, but the narrator tells it in the present tense.

c. She has to work 8 hours. (Noon -> eight)
That is a lot oh working hours for a children because it is an exhausting job and she must be really tired after her work.

2) a. Their diet is unhealthy.
Their mother is poor.

b. "Know"
"young" and "unknowing"

c. A fire could start in the house or one of the children can get hurt or can go missing.

3)a. "sight"
"look" and "see"

b. Line 23, when the narrator realized that the little girl went missing. Before that, she only calls them by their ages, like total strangers.

4)a. "She thinks it's terrible, and she's shocked"

b. The young narrator feels thankful and relieved.
The older narrator feels sad for the mother.
noon = 12 midi ou minuit
merci beaucoup tu m'as sauvé la vie
Oui Nathea mais je précisais que ses heures de travail allait de "noon" à "eight" pas que ça voulait dire huit
daccord merci encord c tros cool
il faut que tu mette un devant si et si devant un