Je voudrais confirmation de mes réponses.

1.Verbes au preterit, souligner les indices.

a.At eight o'clock they were tired.

b.In those days people had no car.

c.In 1843 people started out for the Conquest of the West. It took them six months to go from Missouri to Oregon.

d.The construction of the railroad brought to an end the wagon trains in the 19th century.

e.They wrote to each other last month?

f.She learnt that lesson two days ago.

2.Preterit ou past perfect.

a.They sat down and ate cold rice that his wife had cooked for him the day before.

b.When they had finished eating, they packed their things and stood up.

c.After a while, it became clear that they had lost their way.

d.He took out of his backpack all things he had brought with him.

e.He suddenly remembered that he had left his watch in the car.




oui je crois que c'est bon moi jaurais conjuguer pareil :p


Sa me parait juste, enfin j'aurais fait quelque chose de similaire :)